Kura Evening Menu

Kura Dinner Menu

  • Takowasabi
    Fresh octopus in a wasabi marinade
  • Crispy spring rolls with cheese and shrimp
  • Chamame
    Premium grade steamed soya beans seasoned with salt
  • Spinach
    With original sesame sauce
  • Broccoli
    With sesame sauce and mayonnaise
  • Assorted Japanese style pickles
  • Fresh spring rolls
    With prawn, lettuce, shredded daikon radish, coriander and soba noodles served with original dipping sauce
  • Deep fried tofu and eggplant
    In a warm light soy and dashi stock
  • Carpaccio style seared raw beef tataki
    Thinly sliced seared beef with sliced onion dressed with Kura original spicy sauce
  • Pork belly
    Slow braised pork belly served with English mustard
    All salads have a choice of either:
    Sesame Dressing, Japanese style Dressing, Japanese oil free Shiso leaf dressing or gluten free soy dressing
  • Green mesclun salad
    $ 8.00
  • Tofu salad
    Fresh tofu tossed with mesclun salad garnished with seaweed
  • Seafood Salad
    Mesclun salad with assorted sashimi, grilled prawns, squid & scallops
    Fresh Sliced Raw Fish
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Today's selection of Sashimi
    Please ask your waitress for today's market fish
    Small Size
  • Today's selection of Sashimi
    Please ask your waitress for today's market fish
    Large size: Today's selection plus Tuna and Salmon
  • Assorted fresh Sashimi & Nigiri sushi
    Please ask your waitress for today's market fish
    Fresh raw fish on vinegared rice
    Fresh raw fish with vinegared rice
  • Spider roll sushi
    Deep fried soft shell crab rolled sushi
  • Bridge roll sushi
    Kura style salmon & avocado rolled sushi garnished with flying fish roe
  • Teriyaki eel and cucumber rolled sushi
    Teriyaki Eel, cucumber and capsicum rolled sushi topped with shredded omelette
  • Rainbow roll sushi
    Fresh salmon and avocado inside, encased with fresh assorted sashimi on the outside then topped with flying fish roe and salmon roe
  • Vegetable roll sushi
    Cucumber, lettuce, capcicum and shredded daikon radish rolled sushi
  • Prawn tempura roll sushi
  • Spicy fresh tuna roll sushi
    Fresh tuna and avocado seasoned with chilli spicy paste rolled sushi covered with fresh tuna sashimi
  • Beef Tataki cheese roll sushi
    Cream cheese, avocado and flying fish roe rolled sushi covered with seared raw beef tataki, sliced onion and melted cheese on the outside
  • Chef's selection of assorted nigiri sushi and temaki sushi
    Large $44.00
    Small $22.00
  • Assorted Tempura
  • Prawn Tempura
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Deep fried soft shell crab with ponzu citrus sauce & spring onion
  • Seasoned deep fried chicken
  • Yaki udon stir fried flour noodles
    with vegetables
  • Yaki udon
    with seafood and vegetables
  • Yaki udon with chicken
    with chicken
    All Donburi are served with miso soup
    Various toppings served on steamed rice
  • Seafood lovers Donburi
    Selection of fresh sashimi and seafood
  • Kura delicacies Donburi
    Fresh sashimi, raw egg yolk and assorted Japanese delicacies (Natto fermented soy beans and Mentaiko spicy fish roe)
  • Teriyaki eel Donburi
  • Teriyaki chicken
  • Teriyaki style grilled salmon fillets
  • Grilled scotch fillet steak with Kura original sauce
  • Slow cooked beef tongue
    Pan fried with Kura orginal sauce
    served with English mustard
  • Sauteed scallops and prawns
    With garlic infused soy sauce
  • Grilled & lightly salted fish head
    This changes daily, please ask the wait staff
  • Homemade sesame or green tea ice cream
    $ 5.00
  • Banana Tempura
    With Canadian maple syrup and chocolate sauce. A choice of sesame or matcha ice cream
  • Sago and Coconut pudding
    $ 8.50
    With our famous sesame ice cream
  • Purin custard
    Homemade Japanese custard
    $ 7.00
    For +18 years and over!
  • SET MENU for large groups
    Please contact us as soon as possible with your choices and definitely 48hours before your booking.
    $50 per person
    Steamed green soya beans / Steamed spinach/ Beef Tataki salad / Assorted rolled sushi / Assorted fresh sashimi / Fish fillet of the day / Assorted tempura / Teriyaki chicken / Grilled scotch fillet steak / Rice, miso soup / Dessert
    $40 per person
    Steamed green soya beans / Steamed Spinach/ Vegetarian rolled sushi / Vegetarian tempura / Fresh spring roll / Stir-fried udon noodles with vegetables / Tofu steak / Rice, miso soup / Dessert
    $80 per person
    Steamed soya beans / Sashimi 3 ways (spicy tuna, vinegared miso salmon, salt wasabi snapper)/ Aburi flame seared salmon and scallop nigiri sushi / Gyoza dumplings/ New Zealand scampi and vegetable tempura/Beef tataki salad/Roast duck with balsamic and wasabi marmalade/Japanese beef steak with daikon radish & ponzu citrus sauce, with potato salad/ Rice and miso soup/ Sago coconut pudding with sesame ice cream